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What are Seed Potatoes?
The term "seed potato" can be a little misleading. Although potatoes do set seed, they do not grow true to seed. To get the variety of potato you want, you need to grow them vegetatively, meaning we re-plant a part of the actual potato. These pieces of potato are referred to as seed potatoes.

It is very important to use disease free seed potatoes and that means certified seed potatoes, rather than supermarket potatoes. Any potatoes that have soft spot, cracks or bruises or signs of rotting should be discarded. Start with the healthiest, strongest seed potatoes, to avoid problems and guarantee an good harvest.

Russell's carries only heathy GRADE B seed potatoes and have a large assorment of varities to choose from.
So what exactly do you plant?
You do not need to plant a whole, intact potato. Seed potatoes can be cut into pieces, as long as the pieces have at least 1 eye each.  An "eye" is a bud that grows into a new plant. [See photo.] If you've ever kept your potatoes in the cabinet too long, you've probably seen them sprout.
You can plant whole potatoes or pieces with multiple eyes, but in general
- More eyes per piece = more, but smaller potatoes
- One or 2 eyes per piece = less, but larger potatoes
Preparing Seed Potatoes
If you decide you want to cut your seed potatoes into pieces, cut them about 2 days before you plan to plant. This allows the pieces to callus or seal and prevents rotting and soil born diseases, while the pieces sprout and take root.
To further protect your seed potatoes, you can dust them with powdered sulfur, right after cutting them. Place the potatoes in a bag, add the sulfur and shake. Then lay the pieces out and let them dry for 3 -- 4 days.
How Much Should I Plan on Planting?
On average, 1 lb. of seed potatoes should yield about 10 lb. of potatoes. One lb. is about 5 – 8 tubers, which should plant about a 10 ft. row.
Plant  2"- 3 " deep.  If you plant in rows, the rows must maintain 3 feet apart. 
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